Core Features

Sale-pushing features of Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace
Easy Seller Monitoring
The Magento Advance Marketplace allows the store admin to manage and track the seller accounts from the back-end itself. Store admin can easily view and manage the list of vendors.
Commission Management
The store admin can set a global commission for the vendors with the help of the Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace. If required the store owner can also update the commission for the individual sellers.
Track Seller Transaction
Store admin can keep an eye on the whole transaction process via Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace. The store owner can track the overall transaction of vendors and earnings from the back-end.
Easy Category And Product Management
Vendors can list products and these products will be first approved by the store admin, only then the sellers can sell their products on Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
Seller Order Management
The Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace enables the store admin to view and handle the seller registration request, seller commissions, seller orders, seller reviews, etc.
Interactive Seller Dashboard
Once approved by the Magento Advance store admin, the sellers get access to their seller’s interface where they can add their products, list shipping methods, change their seller profile, manage and operate the orders.
Compatible Product Tab
In Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Product tab allows the vendors to list a variety of products like Simple Products, Bundled Products along with the basic details of the products.
Add Multiple Categories
The products can be added in the allowed categories of Magento Marketplace. If required by the vendors they can also send a category request. This request is processed from the admin dashboard.

Why not experience the functionality of Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace at your own?

Converting your own Magento store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace isn't a big deal anymore. Our Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace lets you create marketplace in no time with full access to Admin panel.
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Few Magento Marketplace Screens

Experience how your Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace will look with a few demo screens.
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-General-Settings
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-Seller-List
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-Product-List
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-Custom-Field
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-Transaction-Details
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-Email-Templates
  • Knowband-Magento-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace-Seller-Wise-Commission

Find our demo Multi-Seller Marketplace

Experience how your Magento Marketplace will work with our demo Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace Extension by Knowband is one of the simplest ways to convert your eCommerce site into a thriving Multi-Seller Marketplace. A Multi-Vendor Marketplace is an online platform where various sellers and vendors can add their products, manage their inventory, and sell on the same platform. The Magento Advance Marketplace module converts your online shop into a fully functional online multi-vendor marketplace.

Major Features of the Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

  1. 1. Easy Seller Monitoring And Management:

    Store owners can easily track and manage a list of sellers and can also manage seller accounts from the back-interface of the Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace extension. The store admin has full access to view the list of vendors and manages them. The admin can check the seller’s profile with the help of the Magento marketplace plugin. The store owners can approve or disapprove the seller's request from the back-interface of the Magento Multi-Seller marketplace extension.

  2. 2. Low Stock Notification:

    The store owner can enable this feature to send a low-stock notification to the vendors from this section of the Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace module. The store admin can set the inventory limit below which the sellers will get an alert about the low stock.

  3. 3. All Product Type Support:

    The sellers can list their products with quantity and price. All the product data is handled by vendors only. The Magento Multi-Sendor Marketplace module supports all kinds of products like simple, configurable, bundled, virtual, and others. The store owner can add or remove any of the products from the back-interface of the Magento Marketplace module.

  4. 4. Review And Ratings:

    Customers can view a list of sellers along with their ratings on the Magento. Customers can give product reviews. The store admin can approve or reject the seller reviews from the back-end of the Magento Marketplace plugin. The product review will be displayed in the front-interface after the admin approves the same from the backend of the Marketplace extension. Magento Multi-Vendor marketplace extension permits the admin to enable the auto-approve option.

  5. 5. Commission Management:

    Installing this Magento Marketplace Module permits the store admin to manage commissions for vendors. The Magento Multi-Seller marketplace module provides provision for the admin to handle the individual and global commission rates for each vendor. The admin can adjust the percentage of commission globally for all sellers. The store admin can even keep track of the commission from the back-interface of the Magento marketplace Extension.

  6. 6. Payout Request:

    The seller can raise a request for any payout from the dashboard. They get an option to specify the amount and reason for the payout. This request is automatically listed in Seller's Payout tab of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension for Magento. They can review and approve the same.

  7. 7. Versatile Approach:

    The robust Magento Marketplace plugin is compatible with all the Magento themes and versions. The marketplace module for Magento is compatible with all types of currencies. The Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension supports all types of products.

  8. 8. Transparency:

    Buyers can view seller’s information on a separate seller page specially designed for each and every seller. Customers can even contact the vendors directly from the front end of the store. A ticket will be generated every time a customer contacts the seller. This helps in building trust in the customer.

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