The Only Horrific Things That Could Happen on Your Checkout Page

You might feel mixed feelings while seeing your customers come all the way to the checkout page. The happiness of them making their way all from the homepage but the nail-biting because the majority of the customer abandon the website right there. Hence, the abandoned cart rate and the bounce rate increases while the sales go down.

So, what are the most horrific things that could share a role in irritating the customers and forcing them to leave the cart abandoned?

This blog talks about the dangerous attributes of the checkout page that cause the customers to run away without making the purchase even after going until the end.

Elements of the Checkout Page That Lead to Cart Abandonment:

1. No Guest Checkout

Why would you want your visitors to sign up before letting them but what they want to? Not all visitors like to sign up and provide all the necessary information on all the websites they shop at. Hence, the feature of Guest Checkout should be mandatory on your checkout page.

As per Fundera, “Conversion rates can increase by 45% if you offer guest checkout”. In addition, the website also mentioned: “34% of online shoppers said that they abandoned their carts because the eCommerce site required them to make an account.”

Even if you give your visitors the option to convert by giving them the Guest Checkout option, you get to have their email address for further email marketing. So, include a guest checkout option on your eCommerce checkout page.

2. Seemingly unnecessary details

According to Baymard, “61% of the largest e-commerce sites in the US required such ‘seemingly unnecessary’ information during their checkout process.”

The term seemingly unnecessary here means that is essential for the website owner but if the proper reason for asking the detail is not provided, the customer might think otherwise. With all the seemingly unnecessary information asked, the customers might suspect the intention of the website and abandon the website.

3. Surprise Charges 

An excess of data’s shrewd cousin NEI (Not Enough Information) pre-checkout can likewise be disappointing. Giving delivery and duty numbers prior to beginning checkout can help.

Despite the fact that it may not affect a definitive conversion rate, rather moves abandonment prior to the cycle, it dispenses with a significant variable from your checkout testing.

4. Slow loading/performance

As per Website Builder Expert, “A one-second page load time makes users feel stress-free and in control. But after 10 seconds, their attention is barely kept, and they are unlikely to visit the webpage again.”

So, if your website takes forever to load, nothing could be more horrific than that. So, optimize your website using SEO services and get your checkout page back on track.

Would eliminating the cart contents outline from your checkout stream speed things up? Would you be able to make fewer HTTP requests? Are your javascript labels stacking after page content? And so forth! Keep in mind, it’s a perceived page load that incites abandonment.

Utilizing AJAX in your checkout with “spinner” impacts, for instance – in any event, for a small amount of a second can trigger the perception that your cycle is moderate. Well, if you have Prestashop One Page Supercheckout addon from Knowband, having an AJAX addon separately is not necessary.

If you have any of these grave errors on your checkout page, you might as well look into it and fix them soon if you want to excel in 2021.

One Page Checkout addon is also available for OpenCart and Magento platforms.

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