Launching the Magento 2 Mobile Shopping App for an online store is now easier

Mobile Shopping Apps for eCommerce have taken over desktop websites. Especially, during these times, majority of the mobile users prefer the mobile apps over laptops or desktop websites. This gives a very bright opportunity to the eCommerce store owners to bring their presence on mobile devices and mobile apps are a great way to do so.

Well, here are some readymade solutions to convert Magento 2 store into mobile apps.

1. Magento 2 Android & iOS Apps:

The Native Mobile Apps are the ones that are published on the Google Play Store & the iOS App Store.

Check: Magento 2 Mobile app builder

2. Magento 2 PWA:

The Progressive Web Apps are the lite apps & they are made live on its parent eCommerce website. Mobile website visitors can download the PWA Mobile App from their mobile browser itself. There is no involvement &interference from any of the app stores.

Check:Magento 2 PWA

3. Magento 2 Multi-vendor Marketplace Apps:

E-Commerce Marketplaces are the ones that have multiple vendors selling on an e-store. A very popular example of such a company is Amazon. The Advanced Marketplace Mobile App module is an ultimate solution for the Magento 2 store owners to turn their basic single vendor website into a Multivendor marketplace website and mobile app.

Check: Magento 2 Advance marketplace mobile app

These modules help the store owners to automatically build and launch a white-label Mobile app for their Magento 2 store. The Apps build using any of these KnowBand modules are full-fledged and offer complete control via admin panel.

These days most eCommerce store owners have their native app and their PWA apps running simultaneously. This allows the store owners to reach all possible target audiences with less efforts. Magento 2 store owners can use the native app builder module to launch their Android & iOS Apps. Similarly, they can use Magento 2 PWA Builder module to launch their Magento 2 PWA.

Major Features of Magento 2 Mobile Applications:

1. Customizable Home Screen:

The Magento 2 Mobile Apps comes with flexible home screen layout which can be designed from the admin panel of the module. The store admin can use various blocks like slider, products, banners, categories etc. Even the colour schemes, font options, look and feel can be changed anytime from the admin panel.

2. Automatic Inventory Update:

The Magento 2 Mobile App remains in real time synchronization with website inventory. This makes the inventory management fully automatic without any sorts of manual efforts.

3. All sorts of Payment & Shipping Methods:

The Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App comes with all website payment & shipping methods support. The store admin need not invest any additional money or effort just to have the right payment methods on the website.

4. Friendly Admin Panel:

From the module’s admin panel, the store owner can have complete control over the apps. Just a few mouse clicks and button toggles and the app will work as desired. They can also manage their push notifications, change their homepage layout by editing and designing.

5. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Store admin get to send custom and personalized push notifications to their app users. The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator offers unlimited push notifications to be sent from the admin panel. The text, redirection link, image etc. can be configured as well.

6. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support:

The Magento 2 Mobile Apps build using KnowBand’s app maker modules support multiple international languages (including Arabic) and currencies. This enables the store owners to easily go global or local as per their business needs.

7. Quick Login Options:

The mobile apps for Magento 2 come with inbuilt Google, Facebook, Fingerprint, Phone no (OTP login). Such options make the user onboarding easier and hassle-free for users.

8. Zopim (Zendesk) & WhatsApp Chat:

The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker offers inbuilt Zopim and WhatsApp chat options for quick discussion. The users can ask queries from store admin and get instant answers to your queries.

9. Offline Mode Working

The eCommerce mobile apps for Magento 2 comes with inbuilt offline working. The store admin can access the app without internet connectivity and browse easily. The pre-loaded screens can be accessed easily.

10. White Label Applications

The Magento 2 Mobile Applications are completely white label and will be branded to your business. The store admin can use their app name, icon, logo, splash screen etc. and launch their own shopping apps.

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