Reasons to have a mobile app in 2021

As per Decibel, “mobile downloads have grown by 23.3% since the pandemic”. Well, the pandemic has changed how individuals interact with each other, organizations interact with their teams and employees. With more than 14 billion smartphones across the globe, the eCommerce industry is booming and has a great opportunity to reach out to its audience. Now is the time to get a mobile app for your business as well.

This blog talks about the only reasons why having a mobile app builder for your eCommerce business necessary in 2021.

Add-on income

When you already have a website that is doing well, why would stick with it and not think of generating additional income by having a mobile app that works? Mobile apps generate more sales and that too for specific reasons:

  • Mobile apps are mobile – individuals carry them everywhere
  • Repeat orders – apps are encouraging and try to ensure that customers come back to shop.
  • Shopping on mobile is way easier and convenient than shopping from a website

Diminished cost

With the basic need fulfilled to allow the customers to come aboard on the store and access all the products, services, and information without needing to call a call centre. Automation reduces servicing costs.

Decreased marketing cost

This might be a secret, but it is an important feature that having a mobile app reduces the cost of marketing. The conventional method of advertising and direct advertising is very expensive. For example, when you want to share the news of some important news or new arrivals.

Enhance the customer experience

Numerous websites simply don’t look extraordinary on little phone screens, yet mobile apps are the reason designed for little screen estimates so are more comfortable on the eyes and less difficult to use for the customer. Apps likewise offer moment admittance to your contact channels – with one touch, a customer can snap to call or start a chat. For users who have their area turned on, the application can likewise perceive where you are in real-time and give area-specific information and bearings. For example, the Uber application is what even lets the user see where the driver is and whether he’s on the right route or not.

Provides a determined edge

While most enterprises have cottoned on to apps, maybe your business is in a speciality where your rivals don’t offer an application yet, and if indeed, this can be made advantageous for you as a differentiator. You can likewise custom-incorporate one-of-a-kind highlights into your application that others don’t have – the prospects are perpetual.

Widen your market coverage

Without a mobile app, you might be passing up a section of the market that essentially likes to work together as such. A quick method to understand whether you have a mobile-dependent market is to take a gander at the number of visitors who access your website through mobile gadgets. You can likewise utilize the presence of mind, which recommends, for instance, that youthful buyers are bound to need to execute through an application than develop B2B purchasers.

Increases clingingness

What better approach to make tenacity with your customers than inserting your brand in your customer’s pocket! In contrast to mobile websites, apps are consistently noticeable on the user’s phone home screen. Customers are bound to consistently cooperate with readily available businesses, so apps are an extraordinary customer steadfastness device.

Is speedy

Both Android and iOS mobile apps open faster than a mobile website loads, indeed, numerous parts of apps are usable even without an Internet connection. In the present digitized world, it’s a competition to convey services and products to the customer faster, and the victor of the race will win more customers.

Stay in charge of the customer relationship

Apps are a platform that permits you to have an immediate relationship with your customer, with no go-between. You are bound to hold customers once you know what their identity is, the place where they are, and how to contact them.

Easy feedback

When you want your customers to give their feedback, in-app surveys can very useful. The merchants can even get the probable feedback by the feedback in the App Store on Android and iOS.


If you have an online website, you can invest in having a mobile app that is feature-loaded and makes your eCommerce business take a new toll of growth. In case you have a Prestashop, Magento2, or WooCommerce store, Knowband has a mobile app for your platform as well.

To know more about the Magento 2 mobile app builder, please refer to the User Guide.

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