Start selling on eBay Marketplace using eBay Magento 2 Integration Module

With the aim to lessen the burden of the store owner and make the selling process effortless, Knowband launched the eBay Magento 2 Integration module for the store owners. eBay Magento 2 Connector by Knowband offer easy management and monitoring of the products and orders at the eBay shop from the admin panel of the Magento 2 store. The user-friendly interface of Magento 2 eBay connector modules trims the unnecessary complex procedure of monitoring and management.

Knowband with years of experience in plugin development has come up with an amazing plugin to bring the eBay shop and Magento 2 store together. Using the eBay Magento 2 connector, the sellers can easily synchronize the categories, attributes, products, orders and listings of the stores.

How to Install Magento 2 eBay Marketplace Connector?

Store owners can connect the Magento 2 store with eBay shop by following the below steps:

  1. Buy the eBay shop integrator from
  2. Install the eBay Magento 2 connector in the admin panel of the store.
  3. Register your seller account on the eBay store. After completing the registration process, setup an app on the eBay store to collect the API details.
  4. API details are required by the store admin to setup the connection between the stores.

Key features of the eBay Integration Module:

Expand the reach: Using the eBay Connector module, the store admin can easily expand their reach on a global platform. The Magento 2 module makes the tracking and management process

Easy Synchronisation: With the eBay Connector for Magento 2 store, sellers can easily synchronise the listings, orders between the two stores.

User-friendly: The Magento 2 eBay Marketplace offers a user-friendly interface to the store admin to manage the stores effortlessly.

Easy List and Relisting of products: Knowband offers a one-click listing and relisting of products on the eBay Marketplace. In addition to the add, edit feature, the seller can easily delete any product from the eBay Marketplace.

Revise Products: Products details can be easily updated using the cron job from the backend.

Order Synchronisation: Orders received at the eBay Marketplace can be easily synced at Magento 2 store. Store owner can easily update the order status from the admin panel of the store. Updated order status can be easily synced at the eBay Marketplace.

Easy installation and full support: eBay Magento 2 Integration plugin offers an effortless installation and configuration. In addition to the easy installation, Knowband offers a full 3 months of support on the connector plugin.

To know in depth about the Magento 2 eBay Marketplace Connector extension, please refer to the User Guide.

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