Technical Features Of Magento 2 PWA Mobile App

We all know that there is a huge increase in the number of smartphone purchases. By the end of 2021, it is estimated that the sale of mobile phones will grow to around 53.9%. Additionally, these statistics play a significant role in showing the need for developing PWA App for mobile devices. The Progressive Web App is a better way to achieve the eCommerce business goals. The top brands like AliExpress, Alibaba, Flipkart, and others are already using PWA mobile apps. The mobile app has enhanced its popularity in recent years. All small, medium and large-scale enterprises are also actively adopting Magento 2 PWA apps for their eCommerce business. Moreover, it is helpful in reducing the development costs, provides faster project delivery, and improving user experience, etc. 

What are Progressive Web Apps?

The Progressive Web App is ready-made application software that shares features of websites and apps. The PWA app aims to provide a better user experience to the customers as well as it is considered a good alternative to native apps. Hence, it operates on web browsers and can be very beneficial for the eCommerce business. This eliminates the need to develop separate shopping apps for iOS and Android platforms. It also reduces the time, money, and effort of the store admin. 

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App is already getting used by many eCommerce companies. It gives direction to the business and also a positive influence to the eCommerce businesses and users. So, the main benefit of Magento 2 PWA eCommerce Mobile App is that it makes the mobile app work seamlessly on any device and browser. Customers can access the eCommerce app on any device they prefer.

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Features Of Magento 2 Progressive Web App Builder:

1. White Labelled Apps-

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Creator does not have restrictions to launch the eCommerce PWA app under any third-party reference. The white-labeled solution allows the store admin to launch Progressive Web App under its own brand/value. Having a branded app generates a sense of trust among the mobile audience and grabs potential growth. The store admin can launch the PWA Mobile  App under its own brand name, logo, icon, splash screen, banners, images, and much more without any interruptions. 

2. No Need Of Google Play/Apple App Store-

With Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder, the store admin does not need to worry about the requirements & regulations of Google Play or the Apple App Store. The module eliminates the need for the app store by launching the Progressive Web App on the eCommerce website itself. The users can simply click on the “Add to Home Screen” popup while visiting the website link on their smartphone. The PWA Mobile App will be automatically installed on the user’s device.

3. Home Screen Layout Customization-

With Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Creator, the store admin can easily create a custom home screen layout from the extension admin panel by using the drag-and-drop option. In fact, the DIY home page editor allows you to craft and save multiple layouts in the admin panel. The right design/layout can be chosen to be updated on the live PWA Mobile App. The user-friendly admin panel allows the store admin to customize & configure the entire app functionalities over a few mouse clicks.

4. Easy Social Login (Google & Facebook)-

Customers can log into the Magento 2 Progressive Web App with simple and easy login options. Along with email registration/login, the store administrator can also enable the social login options like Google and Facebook.

5. Multi-Lingual & RTL Languages Support-

The Magento 2 Progressive Web App Maker supports all the languages available on the eCommerce website, also including RTL ones like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, etc. The customer can change the language of the shopping app at any time and browse with ease.

6. Payment and Shipping Options-

The store admin can provide all the eCommerce website payment and shipping options on the PWA app. The eCommerce merchants can depend on the PWA Mobile App for Magento 2 to provide reliability as well as a satisfactory shopping experience to the customers.

7. One Page Checkout-

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App made the checkout process easier for customers by allowing them to complete purchases without entering too much information.

8. Offline Access-

One of the best advantages of a Magento 2 PWA Mobile App is that it has the ability to work offline. The customers can access the products and categories previously viewed online on mobile phones even without a network connection. The inbuilt cache system automatically saves all previously visited pages by users and shows it in front of them while accessing the mobile app with no web connection.

9. Real-Time Synchronization-

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Creator does not allow store admin to manage product data or inventory manually. Also, the product inventory of the eCommerce store and the mobile app are perfectly synchronized. The customer can easily see the changes made in the product inventory and data by the store admin even if the eCommerce PWA App is live.

10. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The store admin can use this feature of Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Maker to generate more sales. Moreover, push notifications are to inform users about special offers, discounts, and reminding them about products in their shopping cart, etc., and persuades customers to buy more. The store owner can also change or customize the notification text before sending it to online visitors. The image consists of a redirection that can be configured from the admin panel.

11. Coupons/vouchers Support-

The discount coupon and voucher support allow the store owner to provide timely benefits to the customers. The users of the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App can use the same coupon codes which are available on the website.  


The Magento 2 Progressive Web App Builder helps the store admin to improve customer experience and connect with more users. In fact, the number of users who are performing transactions using their mobile devices is rapidly increasing. If users are making purchases regularly from eCommerce websites, they are more likely to download eCommerce mobile apps on their mobile devices. The feature-rich Progressive Web App can also be launched for other eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart & WooCommerce. Check the links for more details.

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