What are the key benefits of the Magento 2 Marketplace Module?

The customers today are aware of their requirements and don’t want to spend extra efforts and time on shopping and that too without compromising the quality. To keep the customers engaged and attract new customers, it is important for the store owners to keep the store equipped with latest techniques. One such measure that is in trend for a while is transforming the store into Multi-Seller Marketplace. Having a Marketplace is more like the experience of having a physical online shopping mall. Similarly in an online Marketplace, multiple third-party sellers list and sell their wide variety of goods at the Marketplace. The seller can sell their goods at the Marketplace in return for the seller commission payable to the customers.

To build or upgrade the simple online store into a fully functional Marketplace, Knowband offers Magento 2 Marketplace module for the e-store owners. Using the Multi-Vendor Marketplace plugin, an eBay like marketplace can be created in a few simple clicks. All the features of the Marketplace can be made available to the customers on their smartphones. Knowbands Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace Module offers mobile app compatibility. Using the mobile app plugin, the store owner can build Android and iOS mobile app for the customers.

Key benefits of the Magento 2 Marketplace module are:

  1. Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace module enable the admin to track and update the seller account request and seller profiles from the back interface of the store. The list of sellers selling the goods at the Marketplace can be easily monitored from the admin panel.
  2. Using Magento 2 Marketplace Module the store owner can set a global or individual commission for the sellers. Multi-Seller Marketplace offers the category level commission functionality to the store admin.
  3. Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace Module allows the admin to track the overall transaction of sellers and earnings from the back-end of the Magento 2 Marketplace plugin.
  4. The Marketplace module offers a simple registration process. Seller account requests get listed in the admin panel of the store for approval. 
  5. Customers can submit their reviews and ratings from the front-end of the Magento 2 Marketplace module. The feedback admin can approve or reject the seller reviews from the admin panel.
  6. Products added by the sellers can be approved/rejected by the admin from the admin panel of the Magento 2 Marketplace Module.
  7. The payout requests can be tracked from the Transaction payout request tab of the Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin.
  8. Using the membership plan feature store admin can start a subscription-based service. Sellers at the Marketplace, new sellers and the existing sellers, will have to purchase a membership plan from the store admin to add their products to the Multi-vendor Marketplace.
  9. Multiple Membership plans can be created by the store admin from the admin panel. Sellers as per their requirements need to buy a membership plan. The membership plan purchased by the admin will decide the validity of the products listed.
  10. The low stock notification feature of the Magento 2 Marketplace module allows the sellers to get a notification for the out of stock products.

Knowband offers Marketplace plugins for PrestaShop and OpenCart platforms. To know in detail about the working, installation and other features feel free to refer to the User Guide.

In case of any doubt or confusion regarding the Multi-Seller Marketplace module, please contact us at [email protected]

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