Why it’s beneficial to add Magento advance related product module to an e-commerce website?

Customer interaction is very important for a successful online store therefore we suggest store merchants install the Magento advance related product on their eCommerce store. Magento Automatic Related Product Extension by Knowband results in better sales as it promotes products on the website. Magento product cross-selling module showcases a block of featured products on various site pages like the product page, category page, Homepage, etc. as per customer views and purchases statistics. With the help of this extension store merchants can display relevant items( from most viewed to items selected). with the help of this extension store, merchants can display similar products that result in a better customer experience. Also, Magento Automatic Related Product Extension affects the sales and revenues of the eCommerce website in a positive manner.

Key Features of Magento advance related product module:

  1. Store merchants can display the most viewed and purchased products on different website pages including the Homepage, Product Page, Category Page, Cart page, and Checkout page with the help of Magento-related products plugin.
  2. For different site pages like Homepage, Product Page, Category Page, etc the Automatic Related Products settings can be configured separately.
  3. Admin can set a custom title for the related products to block displayed on the frontend with Magento similar products module.
  4. With the help of this extension, store merchants can decide the display position for the related products block including centre, right, and left( the three-column option).
  5. Admin can select the method for showing the related products with the help of Magento similar products module. Magento Similar Product Module allows admin to show the top-visited products, best sellers, new products or use the user history for showing the related products.
  6. Magento Related Products Extension offers store merchants the flexibility of setting the maximum number of products that have to be showcased as automatic related products.
  7. Admin can sort the need of item show rules by simple drag and drop method from the backend of Magento Related Products Plugin. In case, there are no comparable items to the priority condition. The module will jump to the next priority level.

Benefits offered to store admin by Magento advance related product plugin 

  1. Store merchants can easily customize the settings of the Magento Related Products Module because it does not require coding skills.
  2. To speed up and simplify the related product management Magento Automatic Related Product Extension offers effortless means.
  3. For accurate product collections display, the Magento product cross-selling module uses flexible conditions and sets unique parameters.
  4. For upselling and cross-selling the store products, Magento similar products module offers an effective way.
  5. The extension draws much attention to the customers that result in high user engagement on the website.
  6. The chances of cart abandonment rate decrease with the usage of automatic related products extension. Magento Automatic Related Product leads to better site conversions.

Benefits Offered To Customers by Magento Related Products Plugin

Magento alike product module is compatible with browsers and allows users to access anytime and over any browser easily.

Magento Automatic Related Product extension comes with a mobile-responsive interface due to which customers accessing through mobile can effortlessly view related products.

Improves the store experience of the users by listing the products, similar to their selected product. This leads to saving of browsing time of online users.​

This extension offered by Knowband is the best extension of eCommerce websites as it displays the related products with the selected item based on the view and purchase statistics of the eCommerce products. Knowband is one of the known faces in an eCommerce development company that offers Magento plugin development services for better functionality of eCommerce stores.

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